St. Patrick's Day Freecell Solitaire

You'll be feeling lucky when you play St. Patrick's Day Freecell Solitaire! Freecell is a great fun game that can be won almost 100% of the time. So keep those green eyes peeled for the winning move!

Freecell is played with al full deck of cards. Make stacks in descending order, alternating colors. Use the free cells in the upper left hand corner to put aside cards you want removed from the board at that time. You can only move a stack with the number of cards that corresponds to the open number of free cells on the board. If you have four open free cells, you can move a stack of five cards.

To win Freecell Solitaire move all the cards into the upper right slots according to suit from Ace to King. Have fun with St. Patricks Day this March, and the whole year long!


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